Anvera 48S

The Anvera 48s takes the unique and innovative design features of the 55S cross-over-boat, and realises them in a smaller, punchier form. The continued use of carbon composite for the hull and structure results in an end build lighter, stronger and more responsive than any comparable yachts. A convertible beach area provides unmatched space to relax and enjoy the sea, and is another proprietary feature of Anvera.

From the razor thin hard top with encorporated air intake, to the fully carbon table and helm, Aldo Drudi captures the excitement and vision of Anvera in his new design.



The layout maximises interior space without sacrificing the dynamic exterior profile. A beautiful double cabin, kitchenette and day-head provide practicality and luxury for overnight stays, and the cockpit layout has been thought through for enjoyment and comfort.


The renderings and information only tell half the story. The Anvera 48S build is underway in Anvera’s Italian shipyard, so enquire to find out when you can visit the factory and sea-trial our newcomer.